"I now have a greater appreciation of toilets. Especially toilets that work. That's all I'm going to say. Except I will say that nine months ago there was a hole in the universe close to where I live in Warrensberg, Minnesota, and the sewage inside was in need of serious flushing."
— Wilkin Delgado

Intergalactic plumber Cardamon Webb returns to Warrensberg, Minnesota, to enlist the help of 14-year-old Wilkin Delgado and tug-o-war champion Alice Jane Zelinski to save the universe. (Again.) Apparently, all the fresh water is drying up and they need to get to the Source to turn it back on.

"Cardamon Webb was kind of free and easy with names and terms and creatures that either don't exist, exist only in his mind or exist and that we've never heard of, such as Gutrogs and Ma-Loos and Voos and Vestiges and Gandrils."
— Alice Jane Zelinski

Wilkin and Alice Jane—together with a talking puffin, a glamorous Ergonomic and Fiscal Engineer and a pesky bug—journey to the Inside of the universe, take a balloon fish taxi to the Other side, visit the abandoned metropolis of Pago City, discuss expensive handbags, mindfully follow the path of the plumber's pilgrimage, battle deadly diseases, decipher the text of an ancient prophecy, repel ferocious attacks by Wibgees and Leeblexes, and try to meet the All and Everything.

"We are leaving a pair of Metazoan Nards in your place. They will take care of everything."
— Cardamon Webb

In other words, it's complicated.

"As (alice jane and wilkin) narrate the adventure in alternating chapters, their distinctive personalities make for memorable storytelling."
– kirkus reviews (starred review)
IndieReader called Escape from Dorkville (Book 2), "an absurdist delight, full of oddball characters and surreal situations."

You can order Escape from Dorkville and the rest of The Warrensberg Trilogy (Waiting for the Voo and The Last Ma-Loo) from your local neighborhood bookseller. That's where I'd go.

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