The Warrensberg Trilogy is four edge-of-your-seat-exciting books:

Book 1: Waiting for the Voo
Wilkin Delgado and Alice Jane Zelinski of Warrensberg, Minnesota (together with intergalactic plumber Cardamon Webb and a few others), try to fix a nasty sewage problem that threatens to destroy the universe. IndieReader called Waiting for the Voo “a delightful blend of adventure, courage, friendship and humor,” and named it one of the “Best Indie Books of 2014."

Book 2: Escape from Dorkville
All the fresh water in the universe is drying up, so Wilkin and Alice Jane team up with Cardamon Webb (again) to try to find the Source of the fresh water, turn it back on and hold everything together before the universe breaks apart. (It’s not as easy as it sounds.) Kirkus Reviews gave Escape from Dorkville a coveted starred review for its “zany fun in an exciting adventure.”

IndieReader named Waiting for the Voo (Book 1), one of the "Best Indie Books of 2014."

Book 3: The Last Ma-Loo
The Ma-Loos have vanished, which is a major problem. (As you might imagine.) So Cardamon Webb enlists the help of Wilkin and Alice Jane to travel to the "edges" of the imploding, crumpling universe to find the missing (but cute!) Ma-Loos. IndieReader called The Last Ma-Loo: "Funny, weird, delightful; an unforgettably eccentric romp through the multiverse." Which is what it is.

Book 4: Roadkill on the Flipside
Wilkin and Alice Jane journey to a war-torn world to stop a rogue black hole that threatens to consume the universe. It's a race against time and space to save everything and everybody. Including you.

Why read this trilogy?
There are (at least) six reasons why you should read The Warrensberg Trilogy:

1. GOOD STUFF: IndieReader named Waiting for the Voo one of the “Best Indie Books of 2014.” They also called it "a lesson in empowerment" and “cleverly authentic.”

2. CRAZY READ: In her January 26, 2015, review, the incredibly perspicacious Gina at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers, said of Waiting for the Voo, that, “Story wise, this is one CRAZY read.”

3. MEMORABLE STORYTELLING: Kirkus Reviews gave Escape from Dorkville a starred review, and dished out superlatives like “wild roller coaster ride" and “memorable storytelling.”

4. STRONG CHARACTERS: As she tells it, Alice Jane Zelinski has “arm wrestled gorillas, thrown a sumo wrestler 20 feet, bench pressed 403 pounds and opened a bottle of Diet Coke with (her) eyelids.” That's pretty strong.

5. LOOK OUT, HERMAN MELVILLE: Escape from Dorkville opens with the sentence: “I now have a greater appreciation of toilets.” Take that, Marcel Proust and Jane Austen!

6. ANIMALS, ADVENTURE AND MORE!: The Last Ma-Loo features lovable animals (Puffins! Ma-Loos! Flibs! Zorazeens!), exciting adventure (An imploding universe! Colliding Realities! Crumpling “edges”!), strong characters (okay, so Wilkin is a geeky wimp; not everybody can be strong like Alice Jane Zelinski), beauty (Alice Jane describes herself as having an “astounding goddess-like heart-stopping incredible sexy body”) and more!

Why did Ammerman write these books?
In a January 22, 2016, interview with IndieReader, Ammerman was asked: “What’s the main reason someone should really read (Escape from Dorkville)?” His answer: “There are lots of deep and serious books in the world. This is not one of them.” That pretty much says it all.

Where can I buy The Warrensberg Trilogy?
All of the books in the trilogy are available at your local independent bookstore. You do have other choices, of course. But when you take a good look at yourself in a mirror, ask this question: "Will I feel better about myself if I buy these books from my friendly neighborhood independent bookseller?" And the next time you see yourself in that same mirror, answer: "I sure would!" (Just know that Kabloona is a small publisher and doesn't have much store distribution. But not to worry. Ask your bookseller to order a couple of hundred copies for you. You'll be glad you did.) Enjoy!

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