"It appears that we are all being sucked into the blackest black hole imaginable."
— Cardamon Webb

In Roadkill on the Flipside, Alice Jane and Wilkin are back, and trying to save the universe again. This time a rogue black hole is sucking in everything and everybody. (Which is not a good thing.)

"I get it. Most people don’t like to be kicked, punched or strangled. (Even for a good cause.) My social worker Carol reminds me of that every time she visits the house to check on my ‘progress’ and oversee my 10,000 hours of court-ordered community service."
— Alice Jane Zelinski

"Ammerman offers a fresh take on intergalactic catastrophe, featuring quick-talking protagonists and ridiculously delightful details."
—The Booklife Prize in Fiction

Wilkin and Alice Jane journey to a war-torn world and meet up with a Fanta-loving alien, a 10-year-old war casualty, a deadly assassin, an artificial construct, an army of Scrubbers, a mysterious religious cult, the tunnel rats of Eris, an emotion-reading monster and a 5,000-year-old spaceship.

"Now you might think the neighbors would be a little curious or call the police if they saw a strange, one-armed soldier with a big axe dragging a disgruntled sixteen-year-old kid down the sidewalk. Nope."
— Wilkin Delgado

It's a race against time and space to save the universe.

You can order Roadkill on the Flipside and the rest of The Warrensberg Trilogy (Waiting for the Voo, Escape from Dorkville and The Last Ma-Loo) from your local neighborhood bookseller. That's where I'd go.

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